Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Everyone these days is looking for a shortcut, trying to find the quickest, easiest way, to the top. As I try to grow as a leader, I have learned that it just takes hard work, discipline, and lots of sweat and tears to move up. Along with the unusual blessing of God!

I have many passions in my life, two of those passions are Health and Dadhood. Both of these passions are connected in my mind. In order for me to offer my kids and their grand kids the best, I must continue to work hard at both.

I desire to play ball, run, yes run, with my kids as they age. I want to hoop it up with Isaiah when he is a senior in high school. I want to give my wife the best quality of life as we age. I don't want to shortcut that by being a breath away from a heart-attack. Inside of me lives, the God I love and serve, and I want to give him the very best vessel to live in. I don't want them to say remember when you used to do this and that...
I want to build memories with my kids that have me in the picture, actively enjoying the time together. I don't want to shortcut them of their childhood.

So I will close with this, Dads have you settled? Would you still be able to lace them up with your kids, or are you finding yourself heading in the other direction? Too much is at stake, no shortcuts Dads!


Andy Jewett said...

sigh, I have a lot of work to do... I definitely want to be able to "lace them up" with my kids.

jim said...

go get em andy!