Monday, February 2, 2009

Tell it like it is

What in the world are we afraid of? I will not be the pastor who is afraid to address truth, head on. I will tell it like it is. Just yesterday, as I was preaching, I just laid it out there. I am no longer concerned with what others think about what I say, especially if God has said to say it. I do not have to answer to man at the Bema Seat, My judge will be JESUS.

With that being said, I want my church to walk in obedience. I want them to know that they have a pastor, that will tell it, like it is. Way too many are afraid to talk about giving. Too many pastors run from messages, that cause people to feel a little uncomfortable.

You see, I believe my church can handle the truth, and want to live like Jesus intended them to live. With that being said, I opened up Scripture yesterday and once again shared the truths about giving. Besides, Jesus talked more about money, than Heaven and Hell. In fact 1 out of every 6 messages he gave, had a reference to money.

I think too many followers of Jesus have justified, way too much, why they don't have to give to the local church. The excuses are numerous, and too many followers are robbing God, and then sing worship songs, where they say "I surrender all."

At our campuses I think my people can handle the truth. In fact, they are not afraid to hear it. We closed our services by giving people a chance to start over, to give GOD what is his. We also gave them a chance to become the ACTS 2 church, and share their possessions. Well, something broke loose yesterday in our second service, as people stood in line to write down what they would give away, or share. Others came and dropped offerings into the buckets, that were placed across the front, to give what God says we should in the Bible.

It was a sight I will never forget, as people wept, hugged, and surrendered all in the midst of extreme economical duress. Something broke loose yesterday in people's hearts, and it reminded me of the early church. Watch this message on line at . go to the Goshen Campus and click on the media menu at the top, and a new page will open then click on OUTGIVE You will get a little taste, of a Holy Spirit rumbling...


Dana said...

Jim thanks for the message on such a tough subject for a pastor to preach about during these economic times. We ALL need to be reminded and appreciate your boldness!

Anonymous said...

Sara said the message was phenomenal... wish I could have been there (temperature of 102). I'll just have to grab the DVD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Guys... No watering down in Goshen, just straight forward truth