Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boys and Girls

There is a big difference between girls and boys. God has made man and woman in his image, yet with distinct differences. I really believe we need to celebrate the distinctives, and quit trying to make one like the other.

Even in these two snaphots here, the boy is content with the snakes and the girl is not. One of the things I love about Grace is our volunteers, who work with these precious kids. AND if you walk into our children, and youth ministries, you will see men and women teaching and serving the kids. That is such a healthy model, and one that Grace does well.
I heard a single mom say recently, that she was very grateful that our children ministries had men in it too, to help shape her boys.

All that to say this, Grace Is loaded with faithful men and women volunteers who are giving a healthy perspective of Jesus to the next generation. I love it that our rooms are full of men and women teachers. And by the way, we have some of the most beautiful kids in Elkhart County!

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