Monday, March 16, 2009

He is Wild Reflections

So it's Monday afternoon, and I am reflecting on yesterday's activities at Grace. We are in the midst of a "He Is" series. It has been a very honest, real, straight-forward time of preaching. To be quite frank, it might be one of the best series ever for women, to understand the heart of a man. Sunday's message was HE IS WILD.

When people walked into our building, we had 9 motorcycles lined up in the foyer, in front of the glass windows. It looked like a showroom, with the glistening chrome and aroma of petroleum, in the air. Men, women, and kids hung out, and did community together.

We had pre-service music playing, and then Jeremy and the band gave us a Bon Jovi rendition of, wanted dead or alive. It rocked big time. We then asked men to participate in some wild and fun events. We had them sign wavers too. Take a peek at some of the fun events.

Chopping wood...

Arm Wrestling...

Stick their tongue on a frozen piece of metal... and yes, every guy went for it...

ride a big wheel down the steps...

I then gave a challenging message to men and women. We laughed, we were convicted, and hopefully we walked away with information, that will deepen our love for Jesus and marriages.

You see I believe if you get the man for Jesus, you get the family, community, and world for Jesus! It was a super weekend.


stephen wolf said...

as i sit back and reflect on the service on Sunday I realize that everytime I jump up with you I better be prepared. Benjamin Franklin had a quote that said ' It's better to of tried and failed than not tried at all" and I live live that way. I sometimes forget my age. Thats' a wonderful picture of me blasting my hand to peices. even after the arm wrestling, which my hand was throbing by this point, i tried to hold my composure. I felt wild and crazy at that point. The best part of it all was when my kids told me it was awesome. I felt no pain at that point, while I sat there with my hand swelling by the minute. I at one point got up to get some ice for the swelling but felt like a complete idiot. So I put the ice back in the freezer and came back and sat down until you were through. Even through all that pain, I just couldn't leave. I felt complete comfort during that time. God is great!

Hospital Bill: 845.00

Prescription co-pay: 20.00

Smashing my had to peices with Jim Brown: PRICELESS!!!!!

I love ya buddy!!!!

Stephen Wolf

Jim said...

Oh my goodness that is awesome and funny and painful all at the same time.

BTW.. you have another scar stroy to tell one day. and you rocked in arm wrestling man!