Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dogs and Running

I developed keen eyes for dogs these days. It seems every time I go out for a run on our county roads, there is a dog lurking behind a bush, car, tree, or house. They love to harass runners. I've become familiar with one little dog on my long runs. Just today I went on a 12 mile run and he was waiting for his sneak attack. I saw him from a distance and caught his eye, before he did his guerrilla warfare. I finally have figured out his tactics, and he was ticked and disappointed with me. Poor little guy...
Today was a tough run, especially in the midst of a 21 Daniel-fast. I felt very weak in the last few miles. It made me wonder what Daniel might have eaten for breakfast to keep his strength. Oh well, at least I was quick enough to dodge the mutt.

I am in my 7th week of training and it has been a really amazing time. I can't wait to cross the finish line in May. But until then I will keep singing "who let the dogs out" as I run.


Pastor Scott said...

Go, Jim!!!

Thanks for your ministry, brother. I love keeping up on what God is doing at the Goshen Church. It greatly encourgaes me to keep evangelism as the engine that runs our church here in Lititz.

I have some good friends attending your church now and they act as spies for me, letting me know all that your doing so I can try the same things here in Lititz.

If the idea works, I take credit for it. If it fails, I tell them I got the idea from you!

Blessings, brother!

jim said...

smart man! blessings to you too bro


Andy Jewett said...

Growing up my dad would run six miles a day and he always had to watch out for dogs... I seem to remember him getting bitten once or twice. I haven't run into any stray dogs on my treadmill though.

jim said...

LOL, jim take the safe route man