Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hands, Prayer, Flatscreens

I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer... 1Timothy2:8. Here at Grace, we often do just that. Take for instance, this past Sunday, as we sent off a team to smuggle Bibles in China. We asked everyone to stretch their hands forward in prayer, for them, as Rich prayed from the stage.

We had people in our satellite auditorium, stretching their hands forward to 10 flat screens. At Grace we know, that the fervent prayer of righteous men and women, makes a difference. Just recently, someone stated that we pray a lot during our worship services. Why not? It is our chance to ask the Living God, to help us and take reign of our situations.

Another thing,many people have asked me, if satellite preaching works? Do people still respond the same way to a video, as they do live? Absolutely yes! Not only do they pray through a screen, but they even laugh, cry, and make life changing decisions to a message piped in on a flat screen.

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