Friday, March 27, 2009

Musings on Leadership

I spent Tuesday at a Leadership Summit for ministry workers, across America. I was asked to share in the closing session, on Vision and Motivation for Ministry. I love these kind of times. I love sitting with leaders and pouring into them. I love the beady eyes that some of these leaders bring to summits like this. I love the dialogues after and before. I love to meet with men and women, who want to make a difference in the Kingdom. It really fuels my fire to hang out in these venues.

Here are a few bullet points I closed my teaching time with.

#1 Just because we are big doesn’t mean it is any easier…
Big churches work hard too

... your workload increases as does your responsibilities.
... if you are not doing a bang-up job with 13 people why would he give you 113 people to pour into.

... Remain Faithful in the little, before, he will give you more

#2 I have hot buttons and they keep me awake at night
You must have something that stokes your fire, that makes you want to snort a fresh breath of air as you jump out of bed every morning. You need hot burning passions in your life.

... Lost people
.... Orphans
.... My family
.... Be a prayer confidant to the President

.... Men
... the Local church as the hope of the world

# 3 Keep your passion Hot
Satan will try to steal your passion and hose it out, you need to find ways to keep it red hot.

... Read Read Read, no shortcuts
... Share, Share , Share your faith
... Health, Health, Health is vital and could limit how God could use you
... Get away, get away, get away and unplug from ministry
... Pray, Pray, Pray the armor of God, lord’s prayer, fasting right now

#4 You give up your rights and privileges

The calling is a high one

... My family lives in a glass house
... Everywhere I go I am accountable in my choices, my reactions, my car, my testimony.

#5 I am one step away from losing it all
There is a big bull's eye on my back

...You see the call of God on your life is different than a man on the assembly line, he can go back to work if he fails morally, you can’t

... But the reward for faithfulness is over the top, good

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