Friday, March 20, 2009

The World is not Worthy

On the other side of the world, unknown, and unseen, by many people, lives a lady, who in my mind, is the picture of Hebrews 11:38. This verse says this, the world is not worthy of them. Tuto Bee in the picture above is that woman!

Tutu is the director of our Orphanage in Thailand. She is mom to all of these precious rescued orphans in our GCC orphanage. She is from the Hill Tribes in Thailand, and so are the children. Hill Tribe kids are not even accepted by the local Thai's. Not only are they often thrown into garbage dumps,sold into human sex slavery, or left on the streets as orphans, but they are even rejected in Thailand.

Not so with Tutu, she has given her life to rescue these kids, and so have we, here at Grace. I am in tears as I type, because these kids have now been introduced to Jesus, and his care, through this beautiful woman.

Oh to be there when Jesus looks at Tutu and says,"well done, good and faithful servant!" Tutu you are the true hero in our world and the world is a better place because of you! Hang in there Tutu your reward is coming!

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