Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blown Away, Sunday Night Thoughts

Wow what a day! We prayed, we prepared, and entered this day waiting for God to take over, and HE DID.

The worship was stirring, the door drum routine was electric, the presence of God was heavy in both auditoriums. Then we laid out a strong, hard, message of repentance and salvation. We talked about the narrow door and wide door. We explained that only a few, will find the narrow door, and it is more than a raising of a hand and walking an aisle. It is a path of sacrifice and commitment.

We gave people a chance to respond to Jesus, to surrender their lives to HIM, and get off the wide path. Well, God took over and 235 people made responses to the message. Yes 235. We were left speechless in our services, as God moved.

The morning was electric, one that I will never forget. It was without a doubt the absolute, most incredible, Easter service that I have ever been part of. We saw over 3000 people in our services, and over 5000 at our Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon.

I will close by saying this, Jesus may we never tire of seeing you do what you did today, and may you continue to blow us away! I'm physically tired, but juiced up spiritually. Oh yeah, the helicopter dropped old navy flip flops for the teens, and it was a hoot! Make sure you watch this message online this week, and witness the move of God. and click on media at the top right.


Kimberly Leasure said...

Jimmy, I read your past one where you said you were sitting by your computer,,anticipating all the next day...praying over the 'narrow' door... and I looked at your pictures,,and knew then that your 21 days of fasting as a church...your prayers, your music, volunteers...everything went as God desired...and the Gracies were blessed! Yes!! So cool...I love you

jim said...

God just blew us away kim