Saturday, April 11, 2009

On The Threshold

Everything is in place. The bands are ready, the stage is built, the message is prepped, the greeters, parking crew, cafe, HUB, usher, and every other volunteer have their gear and are eager to serve.

We have prayed, prepared and asked God to take over. We have asked him to reveal himself, in a strong way tomorrow.
I sit here at the computer with great anticipation, wondering, who will show up? I am tearing up as I look at the doors, that will be on our main stage tomorrow. These doors represent two choices that people make on this side of heaven. The Wide path, and the Narrow path.
I laid hands on the simple narrow door, and begged God to pull blinders off of people's eyes. I begged for souls to be saved. I asked him to do something like we have never seen before here at Grace.
Now we wait, for all the people that you have invited, the friends that you cared deeply enough about, to bring with you tomorrow. The family members who need Jesus. There will be little sleep tonight for me as I wait, anxiously, excitedly, to see who will cross over the threshold, of the Narrow Door. Empower me, in a strong way, Jesus, PLEASE!

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