Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finish Strong

My daughter runs on Fairfield's track team. She is pictured above running in the 800 meter race. She is the 3rd girl from the right, wearing blue and white. As I stood on the turn watching her run and snapping this picture, a lot of emotion came over me.

I wonder if this will be the race where everything clicks in. All those early morning weight lifting sessions. All those intervals and miles put on the road. All those that-a-girl moments after races, and just the plain determination that is embedded in her DNA. I love this first turn of a race because everyone is even at this point. But after this turn, things change.

The breathing gets more difficult, the voice within rages, and the competition picks up. No one wins the race here, no one is crowned champion here. The crowns don't come until the race is completed.
But all the hard work, extra- effort, late night runs, and early morning practices prepare you for the end. I wonder how we will finish this race called life. Has the start been good with a poor finish? Paul tells us "to run the race in such a way to win the prize." Take time today and evaluate your race plan, so that you finish strong and not fall behind. Oh by the way, Hannah finished strong and made her dad proud!

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