Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Front Page

Recently I was contacted by a local reporter, asking me questions about exercise. This writer was the editor of a Health and Wellness Magazine. She wanted to write an article about marathon training. So they wrote an article about my personal plan for the marathon, I will be running in May.

This came out of left field, and I had no idea I would appear on the front cover. For reasons beyond me, God must have a greater purpose for this. My hope is that this will elevate the need for us, to take care of our bodies. We house the Holy Spirit, and I want to give him the best house possible, to live in. I also hope that it points people to Jesus, and encourages people to start a health plan, so that they do not limit themselves in accomplishing God's plan for them, because of poor health choices.

I also hope it encourages dads and husbands to develop a good quality of life, so that they can offer their wives the best quality of life in their empty nest days. I also hope it encourages them to stay healthy, so that they can play ball and run with their kids as they age too. Please God use this article to do that and more!


Andy Jewett said...

That's awesome... I have started running again in the mornings... can't say that I am enjoying it, but I do look forward to the results.

jim said...

Way to go ANDY!

Kimberly Leasure said...

I gotta tell you, this is like wayyyy-cool!!! I LOVE your reasoning for running and keeping in shape. It wasn't until you told me that one night when you were here at the house visiting this past Christmas, that I actually saw our bodies as a vessel in a different perspective. It was really a cool insight. I'm so proud of you!! Now, my little vessel is kinda bulging and cracked,,but still loving life! Thanks for the great post, and what an honor to be your sister. You are so incredibly creative in your writings Jimmy, really you are a book in the makings.