Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Endless pranks

If you have spent any time at Grace Community, it doesn't take long to notice that we keep things light around the office, with some good hazing and pranking. I have been on the receiving end of many pranks.

We have had Santa and his reindeer placed on our roof one Christmas. Which by the way, had to stay up all Christmas season, because it snowed the very night the pranksters put it up there. Oh yeah, it came with it's own light display that the whole neighborhood could see. Well, we just enjoyed the experience and turned the lights on all Christmas season. It created some good conversation with neighbors, who were trying to figure out why a pastor had Santa on his roof top.

I came back from vacation once and a group had turned my office into a bathroom. It was equipped with toilet, sink, mirror, and a vinyl floor. And they studded new walls, which were painted and decorated, which reduced my office into a 8x8 area. That was an awesome surprise as I opened my office to a bathroom.

The list goes on. Well, at a recent amazing race one of our very own ticketed my Harley with a citation for illegal parking. What I love most is when I get to return the favor, and boy do I have a few doozies waiting for a few guys.

All that to say this, allow room in your life to lighten up, it sure does create a good environment to flourish in. Besides that, who doesn't need a sheep from time to time on their front porch, when they arrive home from a football game, with a sign that says "feed my sheep!"

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