Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recovery Time

Been doing some reading on proper recovery time from the race. Every part of me wants to get back out there and run, run, run. But in order for my body to recover correctly, I must listen to the experts. Hal Higdon calls it zero week, a chance to let your body refresh and refuel.

I have to wait until Thursday before I start a gentle jog. Whatever that means? I have never attached gentle to any form of exercise that I have competed in. The plan is to drink plenty of liquids, and give your body some rest, and slowly build back up to the pre-race training routine. I definitely want to do it again, and work towards qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Got to have those goals out there!

All this, to say this. our bodies need times of daily refreshment, where we feed them the necessary minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to keep us healthy. In order to be at our best, we must take care of the vessel, that God has so graciously placed us in. We also need to feed ourselves spiritually everyday, and let God's Word refresh our lives and strengthen us.

That is why I love this picture of fresh water and the Bible sitting together, on the table, prior to a service this past weekend. We are at our best with a daily dose of both of these. Well, I gotta run and refuel my body so that God can use me, if he so chooses. How are you doing in your recovery time?


Kevin Noble said...

I hear ya Jim. It's heart wretching how our lives work at times - when we don't drink enough water, we get dehydrated and our body shuts down, we get sick and physically we can die; when we don't drink enough of God's word and daily pray to him, our hearts shut down and become hardened and spirtually we wither up. It is so important to refresh ourselves both physically and spiritually. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Jim Brown said...

GO get em Kevin!