Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to be the Best at Everything

This weekend my son Isaiah received a book from my mom. I love it! Isaiah loves it too. Doesn't every little boy want to be the best at everything?

It contains short chapters on how to build helicopters, build rafts, teach a parakeet to talk and much more. But the absolute best chapter is how to hypnotize a cat! I can't wait to see how Isaiah pulls that one off.

One thing Isaiah doesn't lack is confidence, imagine how this book will give him bragging rights. Especially when he tells all his 10 year buddies that he is the best at everything. So if you see an Egyptian Pyramid being built in our back yard this summer, don't be alarmed, it was built by the boy that is best at everything! Maybe it will be built by all the neighborhood cats that he has hypnotized.

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