Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Add Your Comments

Okay, from time to time you have those moments that are priceless in your announcement times. Yes, here at Grace we use that time for our people to get to know the pastoral staff, in a real way. We actually see it as more than a time to fill space.

While we don't always accomplish our goals like we want. We do have those moments where everything clicks, and it is just honest, heart-to-heart fun. Believe me when I tell you that no one gets left behind for a good razz, from time to time, including yours truly.

So this is your chance to comment on this priceless photo. As you can see, Jon is up on the balcony as I was clearing up the truth regarding the man bag. Place your caption on this photo. Have fun!


Caroline said...

Me and my family laughed SO HARD when you brought his "man bag" out! It was hilarious! :)

Dan said...

"Hey Jon, I bet you can't get your Bible into this bag from there!"

Jim Brown said...