Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It wasn't even on the map

3 months ago I stood before my people and said this; " Why can't we create new business ideas, we are the people of God filled with the Holy Spirit and we have an unfair advantage!"

Well out of that has come three new business ventures from Grace Community! I am thrilled to see this happening. The above photo are some of the handbags from the brand new Joi Handbags Business. These bags are made from fabric from an area RV industry and are absolutely gorgeous! We will be displaying these this Sunday during our Mother's Day Celebration Service.

The official paperwork is being filed with the Secretary of State and production has begun. We have two other business ventures which will create jobs and jump start our economy. Oh yeah the resources gleaned from these ventures will help our Orphanages in Asia and other ministry outreaches. And to think that these bags were not even on the map 3 months ago!

Great job to Eric, Jason, Lonnie, Dan and Chris for leading this new venture. I love it when we use our unfair advantage of the Holy Spirit! Please God bless the socks off of these new businesses.


Beth said...

jim could you put on a pic of the handbags!!??

Beth said...

jim i know you have a pic of the handbags but i cant see them very well!!!

Jim Brown said...

here ya go Beth