Thursday, May 7, 2009

On a Dare!

Have you ever just stepped out there where no one else dared to go? have you ever found yourself wondering how in the world did I get myself into this mess? Have you ever said "where do I go from here?" Have you ever been where no man has ever been with God? Have you ever just gone for it because you knew that is what God wanted you to do? Have you ever just taken a leap a faith and lo and behold it wasn't as bad as you thought it might be? Have you ever wondered what it takes to be that kind of person?

Well, I must admit that I have never jumped 40 feet from the stands at Yankee Stadium, like Scott Harper did here, but I do enjoy going where no man has ever been with God.

You see, it is in those kind of moments that my faith is stretched, and new things are accomplished with God. I wonder when we stand before God and he lays out our lives, if there will be all these adventures and accomplishments we missed out on. All because we liked our safe little homes, with our safe little cars, and safe little bank accounts, and our safe little families, and our safe little possessions that require little faith and little risk!

I want to be that Leader, Father, Husband who lived with a gusto for God that left no doubt I would do anything for Jesus, even if it meant looking really stupid. Here is why! Life is short and I will be held accountable for every second that my Savior gave me to breathe. I do not want to stand at the Bema Seat wishing I lived more boldly for Jesus. And in a really weird way I can see why Scott jumped!

I see way too many people living this Christian life on the safe side. I see way too many Christians living for themselves and working hard to take care of their stuff. I see way too many Christians thinking they are really doing something bold for Jesus and in the end realizing they didn't. I am juiced by people like Daniel, Caleb, Joshua, Jeremiah and Jesus, who looked fear in the eyes and ate it for Breakfast. Please God in these last days raise up a remnant of warriors who spend more of their time on the offense, instead of commentating on the game.

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