Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Time to Run

It's race time. I have been on a journey for the last 18 weeks. A fulfillment of a lifetime goal, to run a marathon. As we began our new series in January "It's Time", I knew it was time for me to set this goal out there. I must admit that after 400+ miles of training, over the last 4 months, I am really excited about the race.

I have run many races before, but never 26.2 miles. I now know what it is like to push your body to the wall, and how good it feels to talk yourself through these times.

This Sunday morning I will line up with 1000's of other runners and go where I have never been before. My training took me to 20 miles but never to 26.2. I love the land of the unknown, I love the adrenaline rush I am feeling right now thinking about it.

Now all that is left is the race. I have my gels, my 47 year old body and my family cheering me on. I heard that when one crosses the line after a marathon that a well of emotion comes over them. I look forward to that, and pray with God's help, I will see that stripe and cross it.

Pray for me when you wake early Sunday morning, I sure would appreciate it. Cleveland Rock and Roll Marathon here I come!

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Andy Jewett said...

you were prayed for.