Friday, May 29, 2009

Outthink LLC

3 months ago I stood before Grace Community on a Sunday morning and said these words, " Why can't we the people of God, who have the unfair advantage of the Holy Spirit, create new businesses to put people back to work? Why can't we give people an opportunity to punch in to work and know that resources from these businesses can help the underprivileged in our world, like Asia's Hope, Feed my Starving Children, etc?"

Well, after a meeting where you came and gathered in the Link to offer your ideas. Where we worshipped and prayed and begged God for new ideas. A ton of creativity surfaced and a team was formed to review these concepts.

So for the last 3 months this team pictured above, Lonnie Troyer, Eric Hiler, Jason Lippert, Chris Erb, and Dan Sheldon, have met. They have helped to jump start a New Wheel Chair Company and a Handbag Company and an Ebay businesses. Thanks guys for all the volunteer hours you have put in, and for your love for people!

Outthink LLC became an official company by the State of Indiana this past month. Please pray that God blesses these ventures, and pray for wisdom for these men. Go to the Blog for updates These are exciting days!


Pastor Scott said...

Holy Buckets! I know Eric Hiler but I couldn't recognize him in the picture! Where did his hair go?

Jim Brown said...

we have filled his brain with so much good stuff that its burning his brains... lol