Friday, May 29, 2009

Go Falcons

Yes, it is sectional time and Fairfield won their opening game last night. The photo above is in today's paper. Brad Newcomer is tagging out a Jimtown runner, while Josh the center-fielder is backing up the play.

It was a great team effort as we pulled out a 9-3 victory. Some post thoughts,

I love to watch my kids compete. I love cheering them on and supporting them. You often wonder how they feel when they see you in the stands. You wonder if they understand how proud you are of them, and how much fun it is to watch them.

Well, last weekend I experienced just that, as I was running the marathon. My kids joined Anne along the way and became the fan as I competed. When I saw them cheering me on and the look in their eyes as they watched me run by, I was deeply moved. You see, I saw in them the same thing I feel when I cheer them on. It was a surreal moment.

Then when Josh said " Dad I am proud of you, and Hannah said, Dad you rock, I was overwhelmed with joy." In that brief exchange along the way I realized how important it is to cheer them on. It gave me unusual strength. Pretty cool moment!

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