Monday, June 1, 2009

Gaute's Graduation

Yesterday we witnessed Fairfield's graduation ceremonies. Our Exchange Student, Gaute, was able to participate in the ceremonies. It was a fantastic day, as we have watched many of these kids grow up before our eyes. We were so proud of Gaute and his achievements this year. He did well in his academics and did so with excellence.

We were able to catch some great shots of his friends afterwards celebrating the day's activities. Gaute has made so many good friends in a such a short time.

One of his close friends was Kyle, and they posed for a photo.

The really special part of the week has been meeting Gaute's family, as they flew in from Norway, to be part of this big day. Hans, Seri, and his sister Astrid Helgesen, are precious people, and we were able to spend some time with them .
Last evening we hosted an open house for Gaute. The evening was packed as many came to celebrate with Gaute.
His family joined in also.

Gaute has been such a great adopted son for us, and many have mistaken him as a Brown on many occasions. He does have similar characteristics as us, and has easily passed as one of our own. Even his Sister Atrid has many similar characteristics, as my daughter Hannah. Look how much they look alike. WOW!

Great job Gaute! It was a super day.

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