Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hanging Out

Sunday Night we hosted a cookout at our house, for our Elders and Pastors families. We had a blast as over 50 people enjoyed each other. Pictured above is a slice of our elder board, the other guys were somewhere else, probably playing corn hole or chasing down a football. I have been blessed with a super team around me.

We had lots of fun things for the kids to do, too. Here a few Rauchs, Yoder and a Welling playing a game of croquet. I can't even imagine how this game ended. Boys with sticks, watch out!
We ate together, and enjoyed the good weather. Most of the kids spent time on our 4 wheelers, played games and just loved on each other.

A Brown and Welling got a chance at corn hole, after the men beat each other up. Fun game!
Boucher, Rauch, Byng artwork!

Some just enjoyed a relaxing time on the swings.... Pucketts, Brown, Olsons, Byng and our new intern Jimmy Green.

The wives hung out too.

Yours truly enjoyed grilling, besides what man doesn't want to be around fire? We ended the evening with a game of kick ball, as pastor's families challenged Elders families. I am blessed to be surrounded by super leaders! Thanks guys, you are a blessing from God! Oh yeah, we won at kickball too, Jeremy knocked in Hannah with the winning run.

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