Friday, July 31, 2009

Stuffed Animals

What is it that causes men to open their wallets and dump money into oblivion for a 4 cent stuffed animal? What draws us in to the lady daring us to shoot a round ball into a oblong rim? Why do we watch other men miss and think that somehow we can do it?

Seriously, where does that voice come from that says, shoot-dummy-shoot? Go ahead and take the hard rock basketball and win the big 4 cent stuffed animal.

Well, I took the dare and dropped five dollars for 3 shots, and nailed the first shot. I even got 3 dollars back after making it on the first shot. The lady then asked me to pick an animal, because I won. Well, I looked at my wife and said which one honey?

The choice was easy. So all night we carried pooh bear all over the park, but you know what? It was fun in a weird way. Because every single person in the park knew that I had made the shot! And it was a prize for my bride!

Okay I'll admit, there still is an ounce of pride in this old man, and that is why I shot to prove that old-school-pops could still hoop it up. Oh yeah, where in the world do you pack a pooh bear in a van that is already cramped for a 14 hour road trip home? Does it really matter if it makes it home? Your moment was in the park when your bride carried pooh bear, while holding your hand, hot shot!
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Matt Baldwin said...

So true. You were the man that night. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm one of many students who grew up going to BNYC (now Momentum) and went to Grace College for 4 years, graduating in 2007. Thanks for your leadership in the GBC fellowship, as your ripples are felt nationwide.

Jim Brown said...

Thanks Matt, I just prayed for you and your future today!