Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mixed Signals

This is the storefront advertising for the same store, in Myrtle Beach. Take a close look. One Window says: Grand Opening, Biggest Clearance Ever, Everything Must Go, All Prices Slashed!
Another window on the store, said this; Store Closing, Everything on Sale!

Well, when we walked in there was life, lots of items to choose from and no evidence of the store closing. In fact, we picked up a few beach chairs at a reasonable price.

It got me thinking. What kind of signals are we as Christians sending the world as we parade around in public. Is there the new life that comes when we were new Christians? Are we now selling out, and going out of the business of following Jesus?

Or do we leave people totally confused because our outside doesn't match our insides? My hope is that we leave an aroma of Jesus that is appealing and attractive so that the world comes running to Jesus!

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