Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watch your back

Last night we kicked our Wednesday Night Activities here at Grace, for the New School Year. While I was away, an event to draw some interest was developed that involved the pastoral staff racing across the retention pond. Needless to say it drew a large group out to watch.
Behind the scenes a scheming was taking place that included Pastor Jon. Here's the scoop. We would all pretend that we were going to race across the pond so that Jon would go all out. So we lined up, and an air horn was sounded on the other side for us to start. Jeremy and I pretended to wrestle each other, and Miah and Rich pretended to run, and Jon bolted like Usain Bolt into the water.
To his surprise we never even got close. It was fun to watch it unfold before us. It was a prank that goes down as one of the best.
On our way back we laughed our heads off.
There is more to the story though. Each one of us wasn't completely sure we could trust each other, thinking that maybe we were getting conned too. I personally had a strategy just in case they turned on me, by staying to the outside so that I could just run if they turned on me. Miah and Jeremy had similar thoughts.
Some one asked if we do trust each other as a staff. Absolutely yes on the critical stuff, in fact we would battle to death. Yet, we are always watching our backs when it comes to pranks. I think that makes for a healthy team. For those of you who pity poor little Jon, you have no idea how much he deserves it! Make sure you watch your back!


Jason said...

That was hilarious. I'm lol-ing right now. A Classic. The determination on his face to win was priceless.

Jim Brown said...

I know man... one for the records