Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Rhythmn

Just received this photo from our orphanage in Thailand. They had to go into the jungle to rescue some of these kids that were way back in the deep mountains. I Remember sitting in the back of this truck on my first visit to see our kids. It got me thinking.

What has changed in my life since my time there? A lot has happened in my heart since that day. But it is so easy to get into rhythms in our lives that turn to ruts. Ruts drag us down, limit our potential and can lead to a total stall.

One of the things that God has shown me over the last 8 weeks is that I need to develop some new rhythms. New ways to do my day. New ways to hear him and open myself to his leading. I don't want to get into ruts that lead to zero productivity. It's been fun developing these new rhythms.

So I ask you, is your life in a rut? Have you slowly crept into a mode that leaves you in danger of stalling? Go develop some new rhythms today.

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