Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Night Winding Down

Today was another emotionally draining message, as I addressed the topic of homosexuality. I knew going into the service that it had great potential to surface a variety of emotions, from the listeners. I have never run from truth and always want to deliver messages with grace in love.

I found myself agonizing over the pain that surfaced for some today. In the end, my hope is that my biblical world view surfaced, and became a light in the fuzziness that fills our world today.

So tonight, to wind down, and just veg from the morning, we built a fire and enjoyed the warmth that it produced. Isaiah and I worked on it, and the rest of family toasted marshmallows and enjoyed each other.

We also grabbed some binoculars and gazed at the stars. Wow, the big dipper sure was beautiful tonight. There was a planet very visible in the south sky too.

Fires have always brought me comfort and give me a chance to unwind. And tonight was no different, as we just took time from a very busy day, and used it to unwind. Thanks God for some of the simple ways that you let us enjoy the night sky, and recover from a very draining day!


Dana said...

Often the messages that are the most difficult for you to preach are the ones that someone most needed to hear. Surely that is the case with today's message and we are praying for those who needed to hear it to change their lives.

Jim Brown said...

thanks Dana

Tory said...

I love how you always speak the truth! You do such a good job with your deep messages. I did however see the couple in front of me leave and not return...I didnt think that was right. But I guess they have the "right" to their thoughts.

Also, I really like seeing pics and reading about how close you and your family are! It inspires me to have a close family like yours someday :)

Jim Brown said...

thanks Tory