Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our kids are beautiful

We were able to spend the last three days hanging out with our kids. They love to be hugged. One thing that Dave Atkins shared with me over 2 years ago was that these precious kids are about 5000 hugs short of where most kids should be.
Hannah and I have given many hugs as kids cling to us, and hold our hands, and love on us. Every single time we pull up to the home they wait for us in lines, waiting for an embrace. We were able to buy each girl a doll baby, and the boys a toy truck, or helicopter that was battery operated. You should have heard the squeals as we unpacked the van with the toys. My heart exploded with joy as we saw their responses.
We were able to purchase new mattresses for them and 3 new bicycles and a moto bike. We said goodbye today, and it was heart wrenching as they wept and we wept, while clinging to us.The audible sound of the weeping leveled me. The team wept too, as we said goodbye and the sobs filled our van .
We took a 5 hour ride from Battambang to Phnom Penh today, and fly out tomorrow to Thailand, to visit our other orphans. I'm not sure if Hannah and I can handle another goodbye.
As I said goodbye they kept saying, I love you daddy, I miss you daddy, I pray for you daddy. I must admit I feel blessed to have these new sons and daughters. Well I gotta run and get some sleep, but Hannah and I are better people because of this trip!

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