Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It used to mean something

A name really meant something a while back. We would say a name of a store, person, broker and people would listen. Do names carry the same value they did back in the day? I think they should! When my name comes up in conversation, it should immediately bring a character trait to mind.

Well, when you sign your name and say count me in, you have a chance to build character. You get a chance to follow through.

This past Sunday we wrapped up our We are Family Series with a huge commitment. I challenged people to sign their family to a scroll, if they are determined to keep their family intact. I told them that we now have permission to come after them, and keep them accountable. WOW, what an amazing moment as people came.

As I sat there on stage with my family and watched it, I was overwhelmed with how that signature could resurrect our homes! Please God, help us to follow through, and may we have red-rover determination to stand and fight when the assaults come!

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