Tuesday, December 1, 2009

voice for the lost

So who speaks for the lost in your church? Do they have a voice? If our mission is to reach lost people and bring them to Jesus then we should at least give them a voice. How can we ever know what they are thinking if we do not engage them? How can we build outreaches, if we only ever listen to saved people talk?

Well, here at Grace we take that seriously. About 2 years ago, I gave a message on Sunday morning and challenged my people to speak for the lost. I asked them to at least ask the question in ministry meetings, "what would a lost person be thinking right now?" Out of that message came these chairs that were signed by people at Grace. They put their own name on them, and by doing so, said that they would speak for the lost.

Besides, how will they be heard when they are never at our meetings? So,we have asked our ministry leaders to place one of these chairs, in every meeting they have, so that this question will be asked, "what way are we thinking about reaching the lost with this ministry?"

My hope is that these chairs remind us that we should always be on mission, and by doing so, fulfill the great commission. So, the next time you see these chairs scattered across our building, stop and pray for a lost person!

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