Thursday, January 7, 2010

Help me not to miss it

There are many things as a pastor that I cherish and value deeply, even long to be part of. I am privileged to be on the inside of a lot of moments in people's lives. Each moment is so very different.

Last night I received a call from 911 that a family from Grace had a 3 1/2 month baby that had died in his sleep. I wept as I drove to the home, ready to once again be in picture at a crisis time. This couple is rock solid lovers of Jesus, and their witness for Jesus is bold.

So what do you do in times like these? You turn to your Creator God and ask for help. That is what we did. I didn't have any answers, nor do I pretend to. Yet, this precious Father, prayed this prayer that I will never forget, in the darkest foggiest time of his life... Dear God help me not to miss what you want to teach me, help me not to miss it, I don't want to miss what you are teaching me.

So I as fell into bed at 1:30 AM this morning, after I thanked God for my kids and wife, I prayed.... God help me not to miss it either in the foggy times.

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