Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my thoughts on a spelling bee

So, I spent the other night with Isaiah at a spelling bee. As you can see, he was front and center. You know, I watch these things on ESPN2 when the finalists from all over the world come to compete, and be crowned champion, and I wonder why do these kids go through this pain.

Now a little clarity here, in our house we have 2 spelling bee champions, so I know what it takes, to be crowned New Paris Champion. Yet, as I sat there again to support my youngest, Isaiah, who is a master speller, and always gets A's in spelling tests, I pondered these thoughts.

Who in the world in the age of technology, would ever carry the dictionary that was placed on the table that night? That baby would take two men and dog to carry it?

It is so much fun to watch the parent's reaction when their child misspells coffee, besides, when is the last time you ever had to spell it before you bought it? Did your clerk ever say, "now that is spelled with 2 e's not one, try again?"

Why is it that some parents feel like they have failed, if their kid forgets a vowel or slaughters a consonant? Besides, how many parents get those squiggly little red lines every time they open up a Microsoft Word Document?

Why is it that parents still whisper out loud how to spell the word, after it has been missed by a kid? When everyone there already knows how to spell it?

Who has the time to study if a word comes from Uganda or Timbuktu? Or for that matter, really cares?

Why do we put these kids through such pain to spell a word? When after they leave, we give them their cell phones, to text messages like this... u2 can com 2 my house 2mrw if u want... cya k

There were some funny moments too.

One little boy misspelled Accurate.

After it was down to two individuals, a girl messed up, and the boy had a chance to win, yet he missed a very easy word. So the little girl got a second chance, and her word was miraculous.

It was a great night, Isaiah misspelled frobgnlyporgoejimbgorenthier, but we still had some twix bars when we got home!

Oh yeah when I hit the ABC button to check for misspellings on this post, it was loaded with squiggly lines.


MarlaMae said...

I misspelled raindear, I mean reindeer in the 3rd grade! I STILL love to spell though--hope Isaiah does too!!!

Busy1 said...

I mispelled "boycott" in 8th grade. There was about 20 of us there. All of us were out in the first round except for two people. The winner was crowned that year in the second round. I seriously think it took my parents longer to park the car. I was embarrassed, but thankfully, I still ended up okay. Loved this post. Thanks

Jim Brown said...

That is just hilarious!