Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heart, Passion, Guts

Okay I will admit again, I love the game of basketball. I still lace up my shoes and play in leagues. I also love baseline to baseline defense. I love getting in someones grill with tenacious defense. I love watching teams dig deep and man-up on their player.

With that being said, I watched my son's team play last night in a conference tourney game. In the first half they faced what I observed, as one of the best half-court defenses I've seen in a few years. The opposing team was in our pockets. Yes they got away with some cheap shots but it was gutsy defense. In fact, I told my wife I wanted to lace up and get in the game.

Anyhow, we were down at halftime because of their defense, but the second half was another story. Our guys tightened up their shoe laces, dug deep in their hearts and played the best full court defense I've seen this year. They played with guts, passion, and Heart! It felt like a sectional game. It was awesome to watch and even more fun to win.

It had us on the edge of our seats as fans, and it was Indiana Basketball at its finest. We overcame a 17 point deficit in the third quarter and won. I was stirred deeply and I didn't play a minute. I could hardly wait to embrace my son afterwards, as he too showed what he was made of, heart, passion and guts!

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