Monday, January 4, 2010

things can change in a second

This story speaks for itself... Is Jesus your anchor?

Dear Jim,

My name is Pam Jewett. The Sunday before Christmas we decided to attend the church that our children go to to see our granddaughter be the Angel in the childrens presentation. (Your church) Our son Andy is on the worship team in the Link. Normally we attend Osceola Grace Brethren Church but we like to attend anything involving our grandchildren. Your message that day was wonderful. You talked about how Christ is our Anchor. I had accepted Christ 46 years ago in December and still I caught one line in your message. "Is Christ your anchor?" You made a comment something like... you could be driving home today and slide on the ice and things could change in a second. I thought how true that was. I have seen things change in a second numerous times in my life. We just never know what Gods plans really are for us. As we drove home that day we waved goodbye to our daughter in law Sara and son Andy and three grandkids and headed to our home. Driving down C.R. 28 we once again learned how things can change in a second. We had a car approaching us and they were somewhat in our lane and it forced us closer to the edge of the road than what we had been driving. We lost control of our car on the ice. My husband fought to get the car under control but we went off the edge of the road hitting a post, a mailbox, breaking off a telephone pole, became airborn, bounced, became air borne again flipping onto the roof. When it all stopped... it was silent in the car. I knew I was ok but it was dead silent in our car and I wondered if my husband Dennis was ok. Hanging upside down in a car makes you very disoriented and I really don't know how long we had hung there. I said to my husband "are you ok?" and he replied "I am ok." (Those were the sweetest words to hear!) The amazing thing about this is that even if we had not been ok... Christ is our anchor. You need to remind people again that in a second... things can change and if Christ is not your anchor, will they be ok? I am attaching a picture of our accident and am praising the Lord that his protection kept us from injury. My husband had a little rug burn size spot on his leg below his knee about the size of a dime and we both had a small bruise on our shoulder where our seat belts were. With Christ as our anchor we are more than ok.

I thought you would be interested in how your message worked in our lives that day.

In Christ,
Pam Jewett

Hebrews 6:19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,


Andy Jewett said...

We are very thankful that they walked away from the crash and equally thankful that had it not ended as happily that we are confident in their eternal destination... might make it difficult to talk them into coming back for another visit though (heh). Hope you are well, brother.

Jim Brown said...

We serve a mighty God... I bet if your little daughter says she has a speaking part again that they will be back in a heartbeat.Praise the Lord for his providential care

Andy Jewett said...

Lucy, is always a crowd pleaser.