Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time away

This weekend the staff and elders and their wives got away at Epworth Forest. We hung out in a lodge and met with God. It was so good to look back and look ahead. On Saturday we took time alone and just met with God.

I walked out on Webster Lake and spent time all by myself. I literally stood in the middle with my hands outstretched before God and just listened to Him. These footprints were mine as I walked where no one else had been.

Late Friday night we took a walk across the Lake onto a nearby island. My wife braved the cold with us. We took time to pray and enjoy the cold air and frozen lake. It was so good to pull away from the confines of the Lodge and meet God in Creation.

God spoke clearly to us this weekend, and I am more excited then I have ever been, about the future of Grace. I personally believe the best is yet to come. I encourage you to take 30 minutes this week and get alone with God, and just be quiet before Him. You might be surprised what God will speak to you.

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