Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What the Best Do to Get Better

Every single inch of me loves to spend time with men, who long to do it better. Let me explain... I have a passion to see men come alive for Jesus. I have a passion to see men lead their families as tender warriors. Because of that I invest time in developing leaders.

I believe if you got the man you have the family, if you have the family, you have the community, if you have the community you have the world. So I long to see Grace become a place where men lead the way Jesus intended them to.

Each month I invest time in developing leaders, this past Saturday 40+ men gathered early to grow as leaders.
I was so juiced up after spending time with these men. I told my wife Anne that I could do that 52 weeks a year, and here is why. Imagine the impact that these men will have on our community, as they lead the way Jesus wants them to. Imagine what might happen to the next generation of kids who have dads that follow Jesus. Imagine the workplace filled with Christ-followers that want to lead.

So this month we began our study in the book by Jon Gordan "Training Camp." The premise is this; what the best do better!. Please Jesus help us to lead the way you want us to and bless these men for wanting to do it better!

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