Thursday, January 28, 2010

What if he Did do it?

So what if God did answer the desires of our hearts and we saw a harvest of new believers coming to Him? What if he did fill our seats this week? What if he saw our desire to reach others, and said, "okay I'm going to unleash all my power on you to make it happen?"

Well, I'm incredibly excited to think that we might have a new wave of people finding Jesus. In my prayer time this week, God has been impressing on me to get ready and prepare a plan to receive a truck load of new followers.

So I ask you ahead of time be patient, understanding, and flexible, because we might soon witness a mob of people gathering to worship Jesus at Grace Community.

You know we did pray for a Pentecost to happen through us, and the last time I checked 3,000 people were saved in one day!

As we were leaving Sunday, we were singing send us out and fill us up! As I was looking at the photos from Sunday one man stuck out in these photos. Do you see him up front? That is the picture of what might be in store. Hold on Church we are in the for the ride of our lives. Any thoughts out there in blogging world?


MarlaMae said...

Well, we all know patience isn't my best virtue, Jim, but our God is dealing with that in a mighty way--bring 'em in, Lord, we'll care for them in Your name (and we'll keep the grumbling about the traffic jams to a minimum!!!)

Jim Brown said...

I love that thought!

Keith said...

Hi Jim,

The Antioch church is a more reproducible model than the Jerusalem church. Estimates for the Antioch church at its peak are about 50,000 more or less depending on the historian. 3,000 in a day is exciting, but 50,000 over the long haul is staggering! May our Lord enlarge our vision.


Jim Brown said...

Right on!