Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm praying

Lay it all out there. I've been thinking what it might look like if we gave everything we possess, in our walks with Jesus. What might the Church of Jesus Christ look like if it lived up to the potential that God made it to live?

I'm praying that God takes Grace Community Church to uncharted places this year. I'm praying that Jesus gets uncharted glory this year through the ministry of Grace Community. I'm praying that each attendee goes where they have never walked before with Jesus.

I'm praying that God would surprise us week after week with his power! I encourage you to live courageously. Make this be the banner year where you fall into bed at night tired from giving all you have for Jesus. By the way this photo was snapped by someone at my game this weekend as I was doing my best to block a pass.

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