Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moments you will Never forget

There are memories in our lives that stick with us, moments you will never forget. It's as if there is a place in your memory banks that can never be depleted. As a Father you cherish those moments, and from time to time you revisit them and relive the emotions of the event.

I had one of those moments last night with Isaiah. He plays on a 5th-6th grade basketball team that I happen to help coach. At the end of each practice all the teams gather together for a devotional. Last night I shared, and I always look for ways to include my kids if possible. I believe strongly in the principle of teaching them as you go along the way, and looking for moments to connect life and God.

I was asked to present the Gospel to the kids and did so with the help of Isaiah. I spoke clearly about who Jesus is and how they could have a relationship with him. By God's grace kids responded and surrendered their hearts to Jesus. It was a magical moment to share with my son. A moment I will never forget!

On the way home I shared how proud I was of him, for the way he joined me in talking. Then he discussed an incident where a 12 year old girl died in a burning car accident the day before. Then I watched him shrug his shoulders and eyes began to tear up, because he wondered if she knew Jesus. Oh my goodness, I was so deeply moved, because he understood the gravity of the moment for her. Then I shared why it was so important that we just shared the Gospel and people got saved.

Well, I will never forget that moment when my 10 year old son pondered the last moments of an 12 year girl in a burning car and wondered if she knew Jesus. Wow, what a night for a father and son.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering about the photo above,it is another moment I will never forget, as I watched Isaiah and Josh walk down the road with their cousin! Go build some moments with your kids today!

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