Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it really hit me

As a parent you are constantly aware of the reality that you only get such a short time to pour into your children. It really hit me, as I sat on the stage with my son, Josh, a few weeks ago. Time is short and he will graduate this year.

With that being sad, I am amazed at how much they watch you live your life. Your actions speak so much louder then your words. Everything we do is fair game for them, Everything! I love that accountability, as my children look on, as I live life in front of them Starting March 7th we will begin a new series on parenting, and more importantly, looking into the heart and mind of youth. Here is what I have learned, your actions are weightier then your words!

So ask yourself this question, "what area of your life are you the least proud of?" Chances are you will pass that down genetically, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, unless you break the chain!

I'm up for that challenge and it drives me to me knees in humility asking for grace and strength to overcome; so that they can start life as adults, without one foot 6ft under!

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