Tuesday, March 23, 2010

coaches and school teachers

We witnessed a large group of baptisms at Grace on Sunday. There were so many amazing stories. Two that struck me were a school teacher and a wrestling coach.

Michael Schmucker pictured above baptised Brittany. She was the manager of the wrestling team that Michael coached. When asked who she wanted to baptize her she requested him, because of the impact he had on her life while coaching! Way to go Michael!

Cami is a schoolteacher, Ben was one of her students. She had been after him for 7 years. One Sunday she saw him and said you need to do what is right and he did, he gave his life to Christ.

This past Sunday a school teacher baptized her student. Way to go Cami!

Here at Grace we take the great commission seriously, and believe that the command was given to individuals, and not pastors only. So we love it when the discipler can baptize the disciple. God has called us to be a light and to minister where we are planted. I love the way Grace Community has caught that vision. Way to go Grace you make me proud!

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