Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Been down that road a few times

Baseball season is in high gear for the Browns. Josh is playing varsity baseball at Fairfield and Isaiah is playing at New Paris Little League.

I bet we have hit 10,000 balls thrown 30,000 pitches and fielded 50,000 ground balls and fly balls. Our garage is loaded with athletic equipment. Just today, we purchased a new bat bag for Isaiah, needles to say, he was pumped.

Isaiah has worked hard at honing his skills and there are few things in this game that he has not already done 1000 times. He has been down that road a few times. Practice prepares you for what is ahead, and gives you the best chance for the real thing.

You can always tell from day one which kids have had a dad investing in them. My hope is this, that not only is Isaiah prepared for baseball; but that he is prepared for LIFE. We have spent tons of hours connecting life to God, so that when he finds himself wondering what to do down the road, he can bank on his preparation during these years of formation. And simply say, I've been down that road already with Dad.

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