Saturday, March 27, 2010

Father Son Competition

The clock was ticking for 45 seconds as Parents went head to head with their kids. Yesterday, after school, at New Paris Elementary there was some hoops competition between parents and kids.

We started with a 3 point shooting competition. We were given a 45 second running clock as we tried to sink as many shots as possible. It was so much fun lining up on the other side against Isaiah.

He lit the nets up!

We then were able to guard our own kids, while they were on the court during a friendly game of hoops. Kids and parents were shuffled in and out during the game. I absolutely loved it, and enjoyed it even more when Isaiah nailed 2 shots from the 3 point line.

These kid of times are priceless with our kids.

Yours truly, had fun shooting 3's too. I was able to hit some and enjoyed being lined up on the opposite side of Isaiah. We actually did pretty good.
But the best part was the drive home after the time together, when we pulled into Old Time Pizza . We talked about the game, the shots, the scoreboard, which at one time subtracted points every time a parent scored, the passes, and how much fun it was.
The outcome really didn't matter, but the memories will last a lifetime. Especially the laughter of the crowd, when the parents forgot it had been many years since they had played organized ball, and attempted to do something that their body was not capable of doing anymore!

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