Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catalyst One Day Conference

I took a road trip today to Chicago for the ONE Day Catalyst Conference. The theme was Momentum in Leadership.

Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel were the keynote speakers. It was so good to hear from men who live this stuff. I always want to be a growing leader. I never want to settle in my leadership ability.

I traveled with my staff and one of my elders, Chris Erb. The photo above is a shot before one of the sessions. We had a tremendous time of debriefing on the way home. Man I love these guys.

After we came back from Lunch every person had a miniature basketball in their seat. They called a few guys up to take a few shots at a hoop, for a chance to win a free resource packet. After they were finished 100's of guys were given the permission to shoot their balls, from all over the auditorium. It was pure chaos, and pure fun as balls were bouncing everywhere. Truth be known just prior to this invitation, I dared Miah to join me in just chucking our balls into the crowd. We both did and enjoyed seeing them bounce off a few guys.

Without a doubt I drove away with a greater desire to keep momentum hot at Grace Community and some new key leadership principles. Plus I spent valuable time with guys that I deeply care for and love. It was just a super way of growing together. These kind of times refuel me and help me to be a better leader!


MarlaMae said...

Sounds like YOUR kind of conference, Jim--glad you were able to recharge! Keeping you and the whole Grace Team in my prayers. Thanks for being such inspirational teachers...hugs...

Jim Brown said...

It was an outstanding conference!