Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Anne

Happy 45th birthday baby!

There are so many sides of Anne that I love, that some never see. Yes, she loves to join me in many of my crazy adventures. She is always up for a good time. I love this photo as she climbed up on the dozer and took it away.

I love the wild side of my wife too. She understands that I am born to be wild and never misses a beat to be part of that.

She is just absolutely gorgeous. From the moment I saw her on the campus of Grace College I was smitten.

Anne your quiet confidence, deep passion for Jesus, unquenchable love for our kids, heart for the underprivileged, joy for the simple things, fervency in prayer, knack for administration, discerning spirit, love for fitness, spontaneous wild side, commitment to marriage, make this world a better place!

I am blessed to call you my wife, hope this day is over-the-top special. Happy birthday honey!

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Dana said...

Happy Birthday, Anne! Hope you have an awesome night:)