Sunday, March 14, 2010

The last time

The team fought a great battle yesterday and made this community proud. As I sat in the stands watching my son check out for the last time I was so proud of him. He played with heart, passion, and never gave up.

He was the epitomy of a team player and led with integrity. You left a great legacy behind you Josh and the world is a better place because of your life.

Just so you know, I stood up on the bleacher seats and cheered as loud as I could when you walked off the court for the last time. I love you bud!


trent's space said...

What a joy it has been watching Josh play the last couple of years. When I watch him play, I see a TEAM player. A guy that will score, when he gets the chance. But, is just a thrilled to make a pass and a have a teammate make a bucket. The cool calmness he showed on the floor this year was inspiring. It was the right "General" to lead the troops on the floor. It was fun watching you play Josh! Great job!

Unknown said...

thanks Trent!