Monday, March 15, 2010

Parenting 101

The poll is out on us as parents, and boy do we have some work to do. We must give our kids some freedom or they will bolt, as soon as the door is cracked open. Way too many of us make every decision for our kids, and fence in every area of their lives.

The number one complaint from teens is that, we do not listen. Imagine that! This is what we look like when our kids want to talk to us. We must acknowledge their emotions when they come to us and not jump into the fix it mode right away. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else for advice.
Teens did say they want us to set ground rules, but extend some parameters, so that they can learn from their mistakes too. We must stop hovering or we will lose them.

It was a hard look at some really important stuff, concerning parenting, on Sunday. Yet, I know it will make me a better parent and hopefully others too.
I am so grateful that God's grace overcomes our mistakes, and that he promises to complete what he has started. He also promises to work all things out for good. Take heart, God loves our kids way more then we do, and wants the best for them too.

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