Monday, March 1, 2010

Senior Night

Friday night was senior night for Josh at Fairfield. I felt many emotions but the one that surfaced the most was how proud I was of my son. He worked hard to get to this point and always gave his best!

It was fun as he came busting through his banner with the Brown name on it. He sure carried the family name with dignity!
Anne and I felt the wave of emotion all through the evening. We kept reflecting back on all the years prior to this night . I remember sitting in the stands at New Paris in the 5th grade cheering him on. It has been such a great time watching him play.

These 5 guys have been together a long time. This is the senior class and I am so very proud of them too. Not only are these guys good teammates, but they are quality young men. I can't wait to see how they impact the world for Jesus.
We won our game that night and it was so good to cheer the Falcons on. Sectionals begin this week and the sky is the limit for this team!


Jamie said...

Oh, what a sweet time! Thanks for posting these pictures. Wish I could have been there. OHMYGOODNESS, Josh looks like you bursting through the banner. Great times! Enjoy.

Linz said...

I was catching up on your recent posts, so many great ones! I don't know why, but out of all posts this one got my tears going! Josh in one incredible guy-(I've seen this more and more as I see him @ school- and I hope my 2 boys grow to be as great of role models as he is @ FHS. And what emotions you would feel as a parent watching him on senior night! Much to be proud of Jim!

Jim Brown said...

Thanks Lindsey we love that kid... He sure has made us proud