Saturday, April 3, 2010

A little nostalgia

As I drove into the office early this morning, I had no idea that I would be ushered into some memories from the past. One of our drummers drove in this 71 Nova. Oh my goodness, it is a sweet ride!

He handed me the keys and said you want to take a ride. I thought my 6 inch inch grin might make him retreat on his offer. Well, I tried not to show my excitement too much, but I must admit the sprint to the car might have been a dead give-away to my interest.

Craig jumped in with me and immediately looked for his seat belt. As I recall, I never wore a seat belt back in the day, and the only protection I ever had was an outstretched arm from the driver, in case of quick braking.

Under the hood sat a 454, a B and M shifter on the floor, gauges everywhere, Cragars, loping cam, drum brakes and traction bars. This was just like the Nova I had that out ran Police, at the mature age of 18. Needless to say, it set me back a few years, as did the accelerator when I punched it.

We made it back in one piece, me with a need-for-speed-grin, and Craig with his feet pressed clean through the floorboards trying to help me brake.

One thing for sure, I am a lot older then I was when I owned my NOVA, but the feeling was the same, as I opened the up the 4 barrel carburetor, Pure Adrenaline Baby!

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